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New item: Saken Kashiwa 三剣柏

New item: Saken Kashiwa 三剣柏

Sakae Sushi East Coast Road

Saken Kashiwa is a unique and delicious Japanese promotion set created by Chef Hiro San from Hokkaido. The name "Saken Kashiwa" is derived from his samurai family crest, which he has proudly incorporated into his culinary creations.

The meal includes a variety of classic Japanese dishes that includes, Fresh sashimi,  Another standout dish in the set is the Hana Maki, a delicate and flavourful sushi roll that combines fresh seafood with crunchy vegetables and tangy sauces. The Chuka Idako, or marinated baby octopus, adds a savory and chewy element to the meal, while the Chicken Karage offers a crispy and juicy bite of fried chicken.

For those who love warm sake, there's an option to add on a bottle for just $8. And to round out the set, the chef has included a classic Japanese comfort food, Chawanmushi, a silky steamed egg custard, and a bowl of freshly made Chirashi Don, a rice bowl topped with a colorful array of seafood and vegetables.

Overall, Saken Kashiwa is a delightful and satisfying meal that highlights Chef Hiro San's passion for Japanese cuisine and his skill in creating traditional dishes with a modern twist. Whether you're a longtime fan of Japanese food or a newcomer to the cuisine, this promotion set is sure to impress.

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