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End of the Year is Deer Hunting Season in Japan

There is always something special about Japan. Did you know that Japanese Sika Deer are overpopulated, so it is allowed to do deer hunting there? Yes, deer hunting season started from October 1st to January 31st of the following year.

Unfortunately for foreigners, only local hunters are allowed as it requires a Japanese hunting license. In the Japanese language, deers are called “shika”. Thus, internationally people call Japanese deer “Sika Deer”.

Sika Deer is also known as the Spotted Deer, since it is one of the few deer species that does not lose its spots upon reaching maturity. They are also smaller than the European Deer with the size and colour varies depending on the geographic.

The only native deer of the Japanese archipelago, Sika Deer, are mostly active from dusk to dawn. However, during the winter season, they are driven to be active in daytime as they need to feed.

No wonder, deer hunting happens in the winter season when the temperatures are cool to cold. Hunters usually use rifles to hunt them.

Deer Population

You might be worried that Sika Deer can be extinct because they are being hunted every year. However, that is not the case in Japan. There is an explosion in the deer population, as their only natural predator (the wolf) was exterminated over a century ago.

Moreover, Japanese hunters are traditionally hunting for male deers only. Thus, with the annual rut finishing before the hunting season begins, the reproduction of the deer has been largely unaffected, and even when males have been shot before breeding in a harem system there are always plenty of males to spare to take their place.

Since the mid 1980s, Japan has had milder winters, allowing more and more young deer to survive in what would have previously been the hardest season for them. More foods are also available for the Sika Deer in the Japan forests due to recent conservation efforts.

In this case, Japan has the largest native deer population in the world! The Japanese Ministry of the Environment estimated the Sika Deer population at 3,080,000 in Japan, including Hokkaido and is still increasing. The Sika Deer is now overpopulated in many areas of Japan.

Venison (Deer Meat)

With deer hunting season happening during the winter, it is quite common in Japan to enjoy Venison (deer meat) at that time as well. They enjoyed plenty of dishes, such as deer stew and deer curry, in order to accompany them in the cold air.

Wondering what deer meat tastes like? You don’t need to hunt like Japanese hunters. On our upcoming Christmas campaign, we will be having Venison (deer meat) as part of the Christmas menu!

Sakae Sushi will provide Venison meat for the special platter in celebrating this holiday season. Order “Deertastic Xmas Teppan Meat Platter” to enjoy Venison Beef Steak along with Chicken Boneless Leg and Mixed Mushroom and Vegetables.

We are sure that the Venison meat is tender, as we are cooking it the right way in medium rare doneness. Don’t miss out the chance to try this rare meal today! Order here:

*Terms & Conditions

- Venison Meat is available at the East Coast Road outlet only.

- Valid from Mon -Thurs (Exclude Frid- Sun , Eve of PH & PH)

- Delivery will be subject to a different pricing schedule

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