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Experience Kaitenzushi, Fast-flowing Sushi for Your Next Meal

Rotating sushi, or kaitenzushi, is a unique dining experience that you can have at Sakae Sushi. Sushi plates are rotating on a conveyor belt that has been placed alongside a counter where customers are seated. Thus, our customers can help themselves to pick any sushi that appetises them.

Imagine you are entering a Japanese sushi restaurant, where the restaurant staff are greeting you with a hearty “Irasshaimase!” to welcome you. You will be seated at your preference (unless the restaurant is packed), then you will see the conveyor belt right in front of you.

Your dining table will be provided with everything you need to enjoy sushi. From chopsticks, napkins, soy sauce, to pickled ginger. Hence, usually there will be little tap dispensing hot water for you to make your own green tea (ocha), since green tea bags or powder are also provided. Thus, people often enjoy unlimited self-serve green tea!

Of course, you are not only going to drink hot green tea here. The conveyor belt will be running in front of you, serving sushi plate after plate. Most likely you will find your favourite sushi, sashimi, and other Japanese foods there.

But if you can’t see it, you can also call out your order to the chef or waitress. They will prepare you the sushi of your choice. Recently, Japanese sushi conveyor belt restaurants are using a table or touch screen for customers to order food as well.

Basically, kaitenzushi is like a fast-food style of sushi. The sushi is delicious, served in a unique atmosphere. Best of all, it’s affordable for every budget. So there’s nothing wrong if you are enjoying your lunch or dinner at this kind of restaurant.

Coloured Plates

Kaitenzushi is such an efficient kind of restaurant. Customers can serve themselves most of the time, and to make it everything even easier, the foods are served in different coloured plates. Each colour has a different price. Simply take a dish from the conveyor belt, and set it on the counter in front of you.

The most common kinds of sushi can be found at kaitenzushi, such as nigiri sushi, gunkan, and sashimi. There are many side dishes to try, too. From miso soup, edamame, to chawanmushi. Take everything you want, but also mind your budget for the day.

After you finish all of your meal, it is important to stack the empty plates. The server will count the plates to determine your bill. Awesome, right? Kaitenzushi is both fast and fun! Not to mention that Kaitenzushi tends to be much cheaper than your average sushi restaurant, and this is due to the fact that they don't have to hire as much staff as regular sushi restaurants.

We at Sakae Sushi are proud to be the first sushi belt restaurant in Singapore! Make sure you try our delicious sushi in our outlets. We just recently installed an ECR portable belt on our restaurants. So it feels like you have a private portable belt for the whole family!

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