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Frozen Beer Slushies by Kirin Ichiban is Now Available at Sakae Sushi

Looking for a refreshing drink to enjoy with your friends? Well, nothing beats ice cold beer. Sakae Sushi has something to offer for you! We give you a chance to try Frozen Beer Slushies, available at our East Coast Road outlet.

Kirin Ichiban, one of Japan’s top drink manufacturers, has developed freezing technology for its special slushy makers. The Frozen Beer Slushie Maker by Kirin Ichiban is able to add a whipped, frozen top to the beer. The frozen foam brings you to experience a new sensation, following a recent trend in cold beers in Japan.

Naturally, most of us have loved slushies since we were kids. And the Frozen Beer Slushies enable us to enjoy that kind of drink as an adult. The drink is not just a beer-flavoured slushie, yet a portion of slushy foam on top that will keep your beer super cold to delight cold booze lovers.

Frozen Beer Slushies surely could be your new favourite brew: a malty beer with a whipped frozen foam like a soft-serve. The cold temperatures of the beer will last for up to 30 minutes. This innovation in beer keeps the drink to taste even more refreshing!

What are you waiting for? Bring your friends to Sakae Sushi newest outlet at East Coast Road. Enjoy your quality time with the perfect drink, the Frozen Beer Slushies for just $10++.

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