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Heavenly Salmon is Now Available in Bundle at Sakae Sushi

Most people can’t resist tasty salmon. The mild flavour, the pleasant fattiness, simply delicious! Salmon became a newer type of sushi only around 35 years ago, and quickly became everyone’s favourite kind of sushi for people all around the world. Salmon sushi contains omega-3 acids, too, making this dish is not only palatable but also nutritious.

We can easily find salmon sushi throughout the country. From conveyor belt sushi spots, to exclusive sushi restaurants. Usually, salmon sushi is eaten “nigiri” style, in which a slice of salmon is put over a ball of vinegared sushi rice. We can enjoy this salmon nigiri sushi along with soy sauce and wasabi.

Furthermore, there is also “aburi” nigiri for people who prefer “cooked” salmon. It is actually a regular salmon nigiri sushi, yet the salmon has been broiled “aburi” style with a blowtorch before serving. The salmon will have a grilled surface that gives it a more crispy texture, but still soft center for every bite. Salmon lovers must agree that both types of salmon nigiri sushi are to die for!

Sakae Sushi has amazing news for salmon lovers! Starting from 28th May until further notice, we are launching a Mad for Salmon set with 3 pieces of Salmon Nigiri, 3 pieces of Aburi Salmon Nigiri served with 2 pieces of Takoyaki at the side and topped off with an Iced Yuzu Drink. This exquisite meal is being sold at only $12.90+! Affordable for every salmon lover.

There is also another bundle set that we offer: Samurai Sushi Bundle Set (6/8/12 pieces of sushi options. This bundle set lets you choose your own sushi options. Plus, one Iced Yuzu Drink and two pieces of chicken karaage are included! These are the prices for Samurai Sushi Bundle:

  • 6 pieces Sushi Bundle ($9.80+)

  • 8 pieces Sushi Bundle ($11.50+)

  • 12 pieces Sushi Bundle ($15.80+)

Lastly, during this pandemic, it is always a good idea to stay fit. Thus, we offer a Healthy Salad Bundle Set with three salad options: Salmon Avocado Salad Set ($10.00+), Teriyaki Chicken Salad Set ($8.00+), and Smoked Duck Salad Set ($7.00+). All Healthy Salad Bundle Set includes one Iced Yuzu Drink and two pieces of chicken karaage as well!

Can’t wait to try our new bundle sets? Those new bundle sets are available at all of our outlets. Until the Covid-19 restrictions are lifted, customers can do takeaways. But don’t worry, you can always order our meals online on our website,

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