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How Japan Celebrate Christmas, Although It is Not a National Holiday

Christmas is a festive season that most of the world enjoys. Yet in Japan, Christmas is not a national holiday in Japan, so people are not given time off from work on 25th December. Indeed, only around one percent of the whole population is Christian in Japan, but the country still somehow celebrates Christmas.

Christmas has become a secular holiday, so the majority of Christmas celebrations are held in the evening or at night after work hours. If you are visiting Japan at this time of the year, you will see plenty of things associated with Christmas. From Christmas markets, magnificent lights, to Christmas-inspired decorations.

Rather than a religious celebration, Japan sees Christmas as a time to spread happiness. As the temperature drops along with gentle blankets of snow covering the cities, you can see Christmas trees and Santa Claus during this holiday season in Japan.

Japan also has a Christmas cake called “Kurisumasu Keki” that is being sold on every corner of the street from Hokkaido to Kyushu. It is a sponge cake with whipped cream filling and frosting topped with perfectly cut deep red strawberries.

The Japanese Christmas cake has the same colours as the Japanese flag. This is a symbol of prosperity since Japan rose from ruins after World War II.

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day in Japan

Fun fact, Christmas Eve (December 24) is the Japanese version of Valentine’s Day. Japanese couples often book dinners at romantic restaurants, buy romantic Christmas gifts, and the street decorations are supporting this most romantic day of the year. Thus, a single person in Japan usually doesn't want to be seen alone in public on Christmas Eve.

Christmas Day is the time to have parties with either partners or friends. Japanese people gather together with their friends and usually they eat Kentucky Fried Chicken! It is a bizarre tradition, probably because turkeys are hard to find in Japan so chickens become the subtitute.

“Kurisumasu ni wa Kentakkii” or Kentucky for Christmas is now a tradition in Japan. KFC sells a Christmas special menu called “Party Barrels” every year. Although this special menu is exclusive for one day only, the sales can make up one-third of their annual chicken sales! The Japanese KFC Christmas buckets are delicious dinners with whole-roasted chicken, side dish, cake and wine.

It has become the most popular meal for Christmas in Japan. Kentucky for Christmas is more than just the chicken. It means entire families getting together and sharing a meal. That way, Japan still enjoys Christmas as a holiday as much as most countries, in their own unique tradition.

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