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How Japan Embraces Solitary Dining

Have you ever wanted to eat at a restaurant, but your family and friends are not available to go out? If that is the case, most likely you decided to eat at home instead. You must feel lonely to eat out alone.

However, most people in Japan are not afraid of eating alone at restaurants. The country is like the world capital of solo dining. Japan’s population is shrinking, with an increase in single-person households. More and more Japanese people are requesting a table for one.

Sometimes, it is easier to eat alone than making arrangements with other people, and Japanese society has no problem when people are on their own. It is safe and secure, even if you do solitary dining.

For Japanese people, eating alone is convenient. They don’t have to talk while enjoying their meal. Sometimes they also have to go solo dining because they were working late, and their family already ate at home. It doesn’t mean that you are lonely or friendless if you are on solitary dining.

In this circumstance, many Japanese restaurants are providing spaces for customers who are eating alone. These kinds of restaurants usually have small booths for a single customer, and serve them with very minimal human interactions.

As a customer, you come to this restaurant alone, sit in a small booth surrounded by black curtains. You can order your meal using a digital menu, then there will be a pair of hands that places a hot bowl of ramen (or whatever you have ordered for this matter) in front of you. The meal is made by a chef that you can’t see.

Solitary dining lets you eat without distractions, so you can concentrate on the taste of the food. You are eating in silence, as the steam fills up your cubicle. After you finish your meal in the “flavour-concentration booth”, you can pay and leave without saying anything.

Following the Japanese culture that embraces solitary dining, we at Sakae Sushi is also open for you who wants to go solo dining. Coming here alone? We won’t judge! Go visit the nearest Sakae Sushi outlet at your convenience.

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