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How to Effortlessly Enjoy Japanese Grills Yakiniku In Your Home

Ever craved a delicious BBQ or grilled steak but want to change it up from the regular old American style? Let us introduce to you the Japanese grills called “yakiniku”, a dish you eat while grilling meat, such as beef or pork on an iron plate or a gridiron over a fire.

Yakiniku brings you an excellent and mouth-watering taste of Japanese cuisine. It is delectable, savoury, and makes anyone crave for one more bite, especially with the oriental sauces that bring out just the perfect flavours and juices to the grilled meat.

While the origin of yakiniku is relatively unclear, many sources have indicated that it is highly likely influenced by the Korean cooking that had reached the shores of the Japanese under the Showa period. According to many historians, it is believed that yakiniku is derived from bulgogi and kalbi, and has shown to reach popularity all over the country after the Second World War.

As time goes on, the Japanese have turned this dish into their own, adopting and adjusting the recipe to better suit their needs and tastes, thus creating a wholly unique experience that is now a must-try.

You can also grill vegetables or seafood at the same time, but all these things are collectively referred to as the yakiniku. Most of the time, beef is used for yakiniku, and a wide variety of parts of the beef are grilled in this style: from short ribs, sirloin, tongue, as well as organ meats like tripe.

At restaurants that serve yakiniku, they serve not only animal flesh like chicken, lamb and pork but also a variety of fishes, vegetables, shellfishes, and sometimes even vienna sausages. There are usually an abundance of side dishes to be found too, such as Korean-style rice and noodles.

You might be nervous about grilling the yakiniku in a restaurant, and we are here to tell you to not worry about it! It is not very difficult, and is just like grilling a simple, normal BBQ at home. The only significant difference is that the meat yakiniku uses is usually cut more thinly and small, so you have to flip it while cooking at a faster rate. Just be sure to be alert while cooking and you will have yourself a grand old meal!

However, we are mostly at home during this pandemic, and having Yakiniku at a table BBQ restaurant might not be a good idea. Not to mention the smoky and oily environment there. Thus, it is absolutely better to enjoy it at home. Let our professional chefs work hard in our kitchens to serve you our specially crafted Yakiniku meals at affordable prices!

You can enjoy our Yakiniku menu through delivery! There are two items available: Yakiniku Black Pepper Don (black pepper sliced beef with onions on rice) and Yakiniku Don (grilled beef with onions on fragrant Japanese rice). Our Yakiniku surely will be loved by you and your family. Simply order via our delivery website, here.

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