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How to Enjoy Japanese Hot Pot at Home

We all may be excited to dine out with our friends, family, or other loved ones this year. Unfortunately for us all, from May 15 until June 13, people in Singapore are only allowed to go out in groups of two, with dining in particular being prohibited.

One of the best ways to have a great time with your family at home is having a Japanese hot pot meal. First of all, the meal doesn’t require advanced cooking skill, as you can just put all the ingredients into the pot. It is quite easy to make at home, compared to sushi or sashimi. Yet, Japanese hot pot dishes are still undeniably delicious and healthy!

In Japan, people love to eat Nabemono, a variety of Japanese hot pot dishes, during cold seasons. Meaning “things in a pot”, Nabemono are stews and soups that are kept hot at the dining table by portable stoves. It is either eaten with a dip or the broth. Further ingredients can be added to the pot. You can choose whatever protein and vegetables that you like in the pot.

Nabemono can be served in two ways:

  1. With lightly flavoured stock and eaten with a dipping sauce to enjoy the taste from the ingredients themselves

  2. With strongly flavoured stock (such as miso, soy sauce, dashi) without further flavouring

Traditionally, Nabemono use a pot made of clay or thick cast iron. Clay pots are preferred because they can keep warm for a while even after being taken off the fire. But there is no problem if you only have cast iron pots. The most important thing is the pot placed in the center of the dining tables, so you and your loved ones can eat and enjoy the delicious meal together.

Wondering what ingredients to buy in order to make your Japanese hot pot meal? Luckily, you can shop at Japan Mart SG that offers quality Japanese hot pot ingredients at an affordable price!

Check out our collections of Nabemono ingredients, here: Nabemono 锅物 – Japan Mart SG. You can purchase various authentic Japanese ingredients. From beef wagyu, Hokkaido scallops, to asari clams. These kinds of ingredients usually need to be bought in large quantities to get a more affordable price. However, Japan Mart SG is happy to sell Nabemono ingredients at Business-to-Business (B2B) pricing for consumers.

More good news, you can get free delivery for orders $100 and above. So, what are you waiting for? Make your first order from Japan Mart SG!

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