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How to Order Various Kinds of Sushi in a Single Menu

There are many kinds of sushi in the world. This is a well known fact in the culinary world. Everything from temaki, to nigiri, to makizushi. Because of the vastness of Japan, each region developed their own version of sushi which culminated in the hundreds of diverse sushi varieties in Japan.

Sushi is an incredibly important part of Japanese culture, because when it was introduced to the Japanese by the ancient Chinese under the name of narezushi, it served as a way of practically preserving a food for long periods due to the fermenting of the rice and the salt keeping the fish fresh. Sushi itself slowly changed and the Japanese cuisine changed as well. The Japanese people started eating three times a day, and instead of steaming it, rice was boiled. Thus, an important addition to sushi was born: rice vinegar. With each region developing its own version, it is hard not to get excited at the very thought of such an abundance of sushi.

But when there are so many varieties of sushi, how can you just pick one for your meal? Worry not, because the Moriawase is there to solve that problem for you. What is a Moriawase? It’s a plate of assorted sushi, making it easier for you to try a variety of sushi in just one order. Most of the time, the items included in Moriawase are hand selected and recommended by the chefs, but it also includes typically popular items.

Now you may be wondering, where could you order a Moriawase? We have got you covered. Here at Sakae Sushi, we offer two variants of Moriawase: The Salmon Zukushi, and The Aburi Zukushi, both of them priced at SGD 24.20. You can order these items in our many outlets right here in Singapore, or order them on our website at

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