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Japanese Beef Curry, Rich in Taste and History

When thinking of Japanese cuisine, most people think about sushi, or miso soup, or onigiri. Not very often that beef curry comes to mind. However, it is actually one of the two top national dishes in Japan, so popular that it surprasses even sushi and miso soup. It is especially popular during summertime, as they believe that it can cool you down in the hot and humid air by making you perspire more.

The history of this mixture of spices in Japan is as follows: curry powder is theorised to be introduced into Japan through Anglo-Indian officers of the Royal Navy and other such sources in the British Empire. After Japan spent centuries isolating itself from the rest of the world, the Anglo-Indian officers were among the first to make contact with the Japanese. Since this new dish originated in the west, according to Japanese travelers, it has been classified as yōshoku (western food).

Rice curry appeared on menus in restaurants in Tokyo as early as 1877. Like all western food at the time, it was considered incredibly and exotic and expensive. This was due to the time-consuming process of preparing proper curry sauce, and the need to import curry powder from Britain. All of this combined, makes it a luxury only affordable by the rich during the time. However, there was a scandal in 1931 in which dealers were caught selling cheap domestic curry powder as expensive English imported powder. This scandal caused an international outrage diplomatically, and led to several arrests. However, this also caused curry to be much more affordable in Japan, because most people realised they couldn’t tell the difference from domestic-made curry powder to English-made ones.

Now, you can find curry almost everywhere in Singapore, but where can you find high quality Japanese beef curry? Don’t worry, Sakae Sushi has you covered! Simply head down to our website at and you can order value meal sets of Japanese Beef Curry Rice Set for only $10 SGD! Simply put, we will be happy to serve you a nice warm bowl of Japanese beef curry at your doorstep during this mini lockdown.

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