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Look Agemono: Deep Fried Japanese Goodies That Will Satiate Your Appetite

Are you looking to eat something crunchy to satiate your appetite, but tired of the usual fried chicken and other fast food just isn’t doing it for you? Maybe you are craving something new. In Japanese cuisine, the term Agemono refers to just about any kind of deep-fried food, which makes it an incredibly broad category. Nevertheless, it includes many of Japan’s most well-known dishes.

Among them, there are tempura, karaage, ebi furai, shrimp roll, chicken katsu, and many, many others. This form of deep-fried food can be used as a side dish when eating rice, but it can also be used as a snack when we are studying, watching, or chatting with family and friends or doing all sorts of other activities! Although the examples we just listed are mostly seafood or some form of meat, agemono can be anything that is fried, for example meat, seafood, and vegetables.

There are many different types of agemono. First off, there is the suage, in which the foods are fried without being coated with flour or batter beforehand. Then there is karaage, a method where food is first coated in flour or arrowroot starch and the final product has a crispy outer surface due the flour/arrowroot starch preserving its natural water content. Last but certainly not least, there is the koromo-age, in which foods are coated in batter before frying, most notably, like how tempura dishes are made.

Now that you know what to eat to satiate that craving for deep-fried goodies, where can you find a good quality agemono? We at Sakae Sushi can provide you with the best agemono in town! We offer up to five variants of agemono on our menus. Simply head to our website at and place your order online, or visit us at our many outlets here in Singapore for that delicious crunchy bite of the agemono!

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