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Make Your Tummy Full with Gozen, a Delicious Japanese Meal Set

Looking to eat Japanese cuisine, but looking for something more filling than a regular serving of sushi? In Japanese culture, gozen would usually refer to a traditional meal set accompanied by soup, rice and two or three side dishes.

What are the components of a gozen meal? Just about any dish that goes well with rice can be the main dish of a gozen set meal. Very often, meat or fish is used as the main dish, but sometimes grilled fish or meat, tempura or sashimi can also be served as the main dish of a gozen set meal.

A variety of soups are often served in the gozen set meal, however, the pinnacle of it usually remains the miso soup: soup that uses the dissolved paste of fermented soybeans as its main ingredient. Seaweed, tofu and vegetables are also often used as ingredients in miso soup. Meanwhile, side dishes are there to balance the nutritional value of the meal, oftentimes they include vegetables. Examples include carrot-stir fry and sweet and spicy burdock.

How do you eat a gozen set meal? Well, first of all, it’s important to keep in mind that you hold bowls of rice and soup while eating. Pinch the dishes with the chopstick and don’t use them like you would with forks. "Triangle eating" is a good way of eating a set meal. You eat rice, the main dish and side dishes little by little evenly.

And for the final question, where can you enjoy a serving of a gozen set meal? Sakae Sushi offers up to five variants of the gozen set meal with all the varieties of main dishes and side dishes you could ever hope for! Those meal sets are:

  1. Saba shio with Tulip Chicken Gozen (Grilled mackerel and crispy fried chicken drumlets gozen) for only SGD 17.60

  2. Unagi Kabayaki with Pumpkin Croquette Gozen (Grilled river eel and crispy pumpkin croquette gozen with miso soup and rice) for only SGD 19.80

  3. Teriyaki chicken with Mussel Gozen for only SGD 18.70

  4. Cha Soba and Yasi Tempura Gozen for only SGD 20.90

  5. Gyu Niku with Tempura Gozen in Teriyaki Sauce (Simmered teriyaki beef slices and crispy vegetable tempura gozen with miso soup and rice) for only SGD 23.10 (pictured above)

To place an order online, simple head on over to our website at and order your delicious serving of a gozen meal, or visit us at our many establishments all across Singapore and we will be ready to serve you our highest quality gozen set meals!

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