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Nigiri Sushi: A Simple Bite-sized Delicacy

Eating sushi doesn’t have to be complicated. At its core, it is a Japanese dish featuring some specially prepared rice, combined with some form of fish or seafood -oftentimes raw but sometimes cooked. While our minds often associate sushi with the fish itself, it is actually not wrong to say that the main ingredient of sushi is rice (vinegared rice).

After all, the word “sushi” itself is an amalgam of the Japanese words for rice and vinegar. While all sorts of toppings and fillings vary from region to region, city to city, or even restaurant to restaurant, the main ingredient will always be rice.

Nigiri sushi directly translates to “two fingers sushi” and as the name would imply, the rice and other ingredients in this kind of sushi are simple and compact. A small, savory treat with sweet and salty vinegared rice as base, and thinly-sliced toppings that drape over the rice itself. While traditionally, the toppings of nigiri sushi have always been sliced pieces of fish meat, more modern and less conventional iterations have certainly made its way into popularity.

The smooth taste of the nigiri sushi’s topping with the mouth watering stickiness of the vinegared rice is an absolutely delightful experience to the tastebuds. Nigiri is as simple as it is delicious. Hence, no rolls are involved in this process, just a simple bite-sized delicacy.

New to nigiri sushi and unsure what to eat, or where to at all? Sakae Sushi has the solution for you! We offer up to six variants of the nigiri sushi, from the traditional fish toppings to the more modern and experimental ones if you are feeling adventurous! From the tender crab meat of the Kanifumi Nigiri Sushi, the savory egg of the Tamago Nigiri Sushi and the Egg Mayo Inari Nigiri Sushi, the sweet beancurd of the Inari Nigiri Sushi, the seasoned lobster of the Lobster Salad Inari Nigiri Sushi, or the appetizing tuna of the Salmon Mentai Inari Nigiri Sushi.

Don’t wait any longer! Pick out your favorites and order in our many outlets here in Singapore, or order them from home on our website at

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