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Sakae Sushi Launches New Menu, Karaage Donburi, Inspired by The Famous Kyoto-style Dish

Updated: Aug 12, 2021

In the need of more authentic Japanese foods in Singapore, Sakae Sushi is happy to announce that we are launching a Kyoto-style Tori Karaage Donburi! The menu will be available on 10th August 2021 in all of our outlets in Singapore.

If you ever travelled to Kyoto, there is a chance you have tried Karaage Donburi in one of the most popular restaurants there. This dish is the most favourite one in Kyoto, as this quick meal is unsurpassed in taste.

Japanese rice bowl dishes, called donburi, are easy to find in Japan. But Kyoto-style Tori Karaage Donburi can easily become our signature dish. Here is why:

Imagine you are in front of a rice bowl with deep fried chicken and egg. Karaage, a deep fried dish that usually uses chicken as the main ingredient, is already one of the most famous Japanese side dishes.

However, Karaage Donburi dish takes it to the next level. The karaage is served on top of the rice, but it adds a cooked egg with dashi and tender Kyoto scallions. Karaage-don is also served with red miso soup, Japanese pickles (tsukemono), and tea.

This special menu provides you with the crispiness from karaage and tempura, the savoury of soft egg and rice mixed with dashi. Don’t forget the spring onion on top of that! The result is a creamy and buttery meal, which is very delicious!

Clearly, this signature dish will be unbeatable with the companion of sake or beer! Surely it will be an excellent meal for your lunch or dinner. Your tummy will be full because our Karaage Donburi is generous in portion and well-cooked.

No need to go to Kyoto at the moment, you can taste the Kyoto-inspired menu right here in Singapore. Order Karaage Donburi now through our delivery website, or visit our outlets!

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