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Salmon Sushi Cake: A Fun Twist To Sushi!

When you think ‘sushi’, it is near impossible not to think of salmon sushi. Indeed, salmon sushi is iconic, served as a topping in almost every sushi restaurant across Japan and around the world.

Large fish that can weigh up to 30 kilos and measure more than a meter and half in length, salmons are anadromous fish: they hatch in the freshwater, migrate to the ocean, then return to fresh water to reproduce. Worldwide, it is well regarded as an incredibly well-loved fish with a rich, oily taste. The full-flavoured salmon’s coloring ranges from colorful hues of orange to dark red, with a very distinct taste.

Despite the fish being an iconic addition to sushi, we actually have Norway to thank for this delicacy. In the 1970s, Norway started farming salmon for worldwide distribution, and production started to grow rapidly. In other words, they were a bit too successful in breeding the salmon, and during the 80’s, the problem became so significant that they started freezing salmon!

Around that same time, Japan was starting to lose self-sufficiency in the seafood department- despite being one of the biggest fish-consuming countries in the world. And thus, when Japan opened their market to foreign suppliers, Norway jumped at the opportunity.

“Project Japan” was the name of the program designed to advertise Norwegian salmon to Japanese consumers. And it worked tremendously! During the 90’s, salmon sushi became a hit with consumers all across Japan, and to this day, people from across the world still enjoy a good salmon sushi- whether in high end restaurants, buffets, or conveyor belt restaurants.

Everyone loves a good old salmon sushi, but maybe you want to shake it up a bit. The wait is over! We at Sakae Sushi present a delightful twist on the salmon sushi: the Salmon Sushi Cake (worry not, it’s not an actual cake)! A thick coating of delightfully flavorful sushi with a warm, soft rice in the middle, it’s endless bites of savory goodness! The Salmon Sushi Cake is available for takeaway on our website, for the price of only $90.

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