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Simple Sushi Eating Etiquette: Do’s and Don’ts

Sushi has taken the world by storm. We can find sushi restaurants just about anywhere in any corner in the wide world we live in. The Japanese dish has risen to extreme popularity in recent years, thanks to its excellent taste that is simply incomparable.

Besides being rich in taste, sushi is also rich in its history and culture, dating back centuries. For this reason, sushi also has a set of etiquette to be followed while eating it, especially at restaurants that specialise in sushi (such as ours!). That being said, while there are no hard requirements (other than general politeness), certain behaviours that may ease your experience and make it much more pleasant for everyone involved.

If you feel as though this may seem daunting, don’t worry about it! No one is expected to be an expert, we can assure you that learning sushi etiquette is both simple and fun. Here they are:

1. Don't rub your chopsticks together

When you are not using them, it is best that they are placed parallel to yourself on the chopstick holder (if there is one), if not, on the shoyu dish. When you finish your meal, you should put your chopsticks back in the spots mentioned before.

2. Eating in the “correct” order

Better to start off the meal by eating lighter tasting fish such as whitefish, followed by richer, oilier food items such as grilled eel and toro (fatty tuna). Whichever way you choose to eat your sushi, be sure to cleanse your mouth with a nice sip of green tea.

3. Finish the dishes you have ordered

It is especially important if you are ordering sushi omakase-style, as in letting the chef pick out the dishes for you to enjoy during your meal. When ordering omakase-style, make sure to mention to the chef if you have any dietary preferences and anything you can or can’t eat.

4. Dip your sushi fish upside down

While it is mostly to prevent the rice from crumbling apart, it is also exponentially better-tasting this way.

5. Go easy on the soy sauce and wasabi

Just the right amount is enough. Too much of these condiments on your sushi would simply overpower the taste and make it a less enjoyable experience.

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