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Teishoku: Convenient Japanese Dining Now Available in Singapore

In Japan, Teishoku is a type of meal where all the dishes in the course are severed together. Teishoku has the typical serving style that reflects what Japanese people eat on a daily basis. It usually consists of pickles, soup, rice, and a main dish that is usually made with meat, fish, and/or vegetables.

Based on the ichiju-issai ( “one soup, one side”) meals traditionally offered at Zen temples, which usually includes a main, soup, rice, and pickles, the concept of Teishoku spread all across Japan and now can be found in many restaurants and cafeterias across the nation.

This style of meal has many benefits, one of which being incredibly convenient! All courses of the meal are packaged into one easy order. The meal is simple, healthy and handy for someone looking to quickly order something!

Speaking of health, Teishoku meals are guaranteed in its serving of high quality nutritional and balanced meals, while still remaining thoroughly appetising. Anyone must enjoy Teishoku with the delicate balance of the white rice and other parts of the meal, the steamy warmth that envelopes the soup of your choice, the deliciousness of the main dish -be it a crispy ebi tempura, a savory yakitori, or tender saba shioyaki- along with the many diverse side dishes.

Not to mention, you could be exposed to all sorts of delicious Japanese delicacies you weren’t familiar with before when you order a Teishoku meal. After all, it is much easier to try something when it already comes with other food you are already familiar with!

Where can you find Teishoku meals in Singapore? Luckily for you, we at Sakae Sushi have you covered! We offer not one, not two, but five different Teishoku meals. All diverse in its main dishes while being nutritional and still mouth-wateringly delectable.

Here are those five Sakae Sushi's Teishoku sets:

1. Yakitori Teishoku ($10.00)

2. Tori Karaage Teishoku ($10.00)

3. Saba Shioyaki Teishoku ($13.00)

4. Soft Shell Crab Teishoku ($15.00)

5. Ebi Tempura Teishoku - 3 pcs ($15.00)

These meals are available in all our stores, but they are also up for order on our website. Sakae Sushi only sells Teishoku sets exclusively on the delivery site.

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