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Tendon: What You Should Know about This New Japanese Favourite Food

Japan has a rich variety of culinaries. There are so many Japanese foods that are loved by people all around the world, like sushi and ramen. However, there are more variations of Japanese foods which taste just as delicious!

Recently, when we read a menu at a Japanese restaurant, we often see the word “Tendon”. Although it sounds a bit like a steak menu, it is actually a very different type of food (not a Japanese tenderloin steak!).

Tendon is shortened from “Tempura Donburi”, as “ten” means tempura and “don” means donburi (rice bowl). The dish consists of a bowl of rice topped with deep-fried tempura. Tendon also served with light soy dressing. Sometimes the sauce can be found inside the bowl, yet some restaurants serve it separately along with some salt.

Tendon’s tempura can contain various ingredients, from shrimp, fish, to vegetables. It can be more variative than other donburi dishes. Tendon has three ingredients: main ingredients, side ingredients and colouring ingredients.

  • Main ingredients are the protein of the meal. Either shrimp, squid, or sillago (a type of fish). However, shrimp tempura is considered the most popular tempura of all.

  • Side ingredients are a mix of shell, small shrimp, and vegetables. This is another dish in Japan called “Kakiage”.

  • Colouring ingredients are colourful vegetables, such as green pepper, pumpkin, eggplant, green bean, or lotus root. Those vegetables are deep fried as well. You can enjoy one or two vegetables, depending on the seasons.

It is not too hard to find Tendon here in Singapore. The dish has gained popularity, as we can see the long lines on Tendon specialty restaurants before Covid-19 strikes. Luckily, we are starting to be able to eat at our favourite Japanese restaurant again, or order food delivery from them.

Just recently, Sakae Sushi launched three different variations of Tendon: Sakae Tendon (signature dish), Ebi Tendon (the popular and original tendon), and Yasai Tendon (with vegetables tempura). All three of the tendons are delicious and crunchy. Treat yourself at home or dine-in the Sakae Sushi outlets. Food delivery is available for you who wants to stay at home, but still want to taste the lightly battered crunchy tempura perfectly matched with Sakae special in-house sauce.


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