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Where to Find Hassle-Free Hand-Held Sushi Here in Singapore?

Hand-held sushi? You didn’t mishear! Temaki sushi is a popular, more casual variant of sushi due to the ease of the preparation. The name “temaki” itself literally means “handroll” (手巻き). The character “te” means hand and the term “maki” refers to any kind of sushi roll incorporating nori (dried seaweed).

Temaki sushi is characterized by its conical shape, and due to its shape and size, temaki sushi is almost always eaten as a hands-on food. It’s commonly agreed that chopsticks are quite unnecessary for this kind of sushi.

For temaki sushi, we usually start with a sheet of nori cut in half to make it more manageable. The cook then scoops a small amount of sushi rice on top of the sliced nori sheet and is soon followed by the neta of choice, just before rolling it up tightly into a cone shape. This cone shape is now easier to hold by hand and dipped into various sauces.

When you get handed a temaki, it’s meant to be eaten right away. If you wait too long, the nori will get soggy and hard to chew, thus losing its crispness. You can either dip it in soy sauce down from the top, or you could also pour soy sauce from the top of the temaki. Though risky, it can still work, just do it very gently to avoid spilling the sauce to the bottom. The rest is quite simple- just eat the temaki sushi from the top to bottom in several bites and enjoy!

Temaki is very rarely served in restaurants due to its casualness, even though it could make for the perfect family or hangout meal with friends. Luckily, we know just the perfect deal for you!

For the whole month of June, we at Sakae Sushi are selling FIVE temakis for only SGD 10! For the price of 10 SGD, you could get five temakis to share with your friends and family! We also have various range in toppings, such as:

  • Soft Shell Crab

  • Lobster Salad

  • Ebi Tempura

  • Salmon Avocado

  • Spicy Salmon

Don’t wait any longer and get your own temaki sushi at our many outlets here in Singapore, or order at !

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