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Where to Find VERY Affordable Sushi Buffet in Singapore

Sushi is a staple in modern Asian dining, there’s not much of a need for us to explain what it is. But what is a sushi buffet, you may ask? In the simplest of terms, instead of paying per sushi or item, you are given a flat fee and free to eat as much sushi as your heart’s desire. It’s a much more cost efficient way of eating sushi, especially for those who can’t get enough of sushi.

However, there’s a catch. If you end up leaving something without eating it, you will have to pay extra for it. Say, you ordered a delectable sashimi plate along with a bunch of other sushi options, and by the end of the meal you are too full to finish that sashimi plate, you will have to pay extra for it. So even with the unlimited food, it’s important to be mindful!

Lucky for us, here in Singapore, there are a couple of very affordable Japanese restaurants that serve sushi buffet for only $20! You heard us right, under $20! These establishments offer both a quality buffet dining service with splendid venues at incredibly affordable rates. If there is one thing everyone loves, it’s cheap food, and if there is one thing everyone loves more, it’s cheap AND unlimited food.

Here are the place to go to enjoy under $20 sushi buffet in Singapore:

  1. Sakae Sushi


Compass One

Parkway Parade

Tradehub 21

Price: $19.80+

Buffet Hours: 3PM-5PM (Monday-Friday)

With 40 outlets islandwide and 200 outlets worldwide, it’s no surprise that Sakae Sushi is no small restaurant chain, providing high quality food whilst keeping budget-friendly costs! They have decided to bring back their well loved tea-time buffet (which is available at all Sakae Sushi outlets, except Junction 8 & Tai Seng.), but that’s not all they have to offer!

Sakae Sushi is famous for their air flown Norwegian salmon. The salmon is undeniably delicious and always fresh. Plus, Sakae Sushi also offers Sakoshi Bay Sashimi-grade Oysters from Japan, which is a must-try for those who haven’t tried this heavenly food!

Lucky for you, Sakae Sushi is offering deals on Fave platform, as you can find those deals here.

2. Hei Sushi


Sembawang Shopping Centre

Downtown East

Tai Seng ( Sakae Building )

Woodlands Civic Centre ( In Progress )

Price: $19.80+

Buffet Hours: 3PM-5PM (Monday-Thursday)

Not only are they fun and trendy with ludicrously affordable prices, Hei Sushi is also incredibly inclusive, being very proud to be the FIRST halal Japanese belt Sushi restaurant in Singapore. Their menu is full of over 200 items of Japanese dishes, each being high quality and tasty while still remaining halal. Hei Sushi wants to bridge the gap and make sure everyone can enjoy a good old tasty, mouthwatering, scrumptious Japanese meal without having to worry!

You can also order and choose from their menu online straight from their website, showing off their incredibly diverse and appetizing set of options, everything from platters, party sets, to ramen, sashimi, mini baked rice, and everything in between.

This buffet is available at all Hei Sushi outlets, except IMM & King Albert Park.

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