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Why Cherry Blossoms in Japan is to Die For

Planning to visit Japan soon? You can be prepared for a truly unique experience. There is a charming sight with cherry blossoms (sakura) fleeting presence in various parts of the country. The beautiful and fleeting cherry blossoms often only last no more than two weeks!

In late March or early April in the Honshu region of Japan, cherry blossoms reach their peak. You can visit Tokyo or Kyoto during this time of the year to enjoy the blooming cherry blossoms.

Japanese people usually do “hanami” or “cherry blossom viewing” where they enjoy a picnic or party under a cherry tree in bloom. It is the best time of the year to gather around with their family and friends.

Apart from Hanami, there are also cherry blossom festivals which take place in different regions of Japan. Most of them are held from March to May, depending on their location.

One example of cherry blossom festivals is Matsumae Park Cherry Blossom Festival in Hokkaido. Located near Matsumae Castle, this park is the home of over 250 different species of cherry trees. It possesses over 10,000 cherry trees that bloom from late April to late May.

Indeed, gorgeous flowers are the main attraction at the cherry blossom festivals. But there are also other fun events, such as a march of armor-clad warriors, local folk entertainment, or tea ceremony. Not to mention the local foods from various festival vendors and souvenirs like regional crafts.

All in all, it will be quite a memorable experience if you travel to Japan when it is the season of cherry blossoms.

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