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Why Kochi Prefecture of Japan Should Be Your Next Travel Destination

Don’t you miss traveling to Japan? With cross-border travel now allowed, Japan must be one of the top of your traveling destinations. You have probably been to several cities of Japan, such as Tokyo and Osaka, and are eager to travel more to Japan. If so, Kochi Prefecture is a good idea!

Previously known as Tosa, Kochi Prefecture played a historical role in Japan towards the end of the Edo period. Located on the island of Shikoku, this prefecture is home for pure rivers, beaches, as well as wild capes. It is a popular choice of nature-seekers in Japan.

On the north side of the prefecture, almost 90% of the area is mountainous. You can witness rivers flow from the mountains. This brings you to experience the atmosphere of old age.

While on the south side of the prefecture, there are beautiful beaches from the Pacific Ocean. The views are absolutely spectacular. Moreover, there are also capes to enjoy powerful scenery.

Kochi has specific tourist activities, such as Katsurahama and Harimaya Bridge. However, it offers a lot of natural tourism there. But it is safer to keep someone with knowledge of the area and Japanese to company, as some places are not conveniently located for tourists.

Kochi Specialty Food

As Kochi Prefecture produces plenty of rice harvest, this prefecture also focuses on food. Their specialty food is katsuo no tataki, a skipjack tuna or bonito that is lightly seared.

Katsuo no tataki is usually served with spring onions, garlic and ginger. It is also seasoned with salt or soy sauce combined with vinegar and citrus.

In a more traditional way, this dish should be broiled over a straw fire. After the outer layer is grilled a little bit, it can be served.

We can easily find this dish at izakaya (casual restaurants for drinking) and regular restaurants across the city of Kochi.

For the eating style, people in Kochi Prefecture are laid back. They often gather with family and friends, arrange feasts on large dishes, and take the food by themselves. This is mirrored the culture of Kochi Prefecture where people respect freedom and rarely hold formal arrangements.

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