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Why You Must Try Japanese Garlic Fried Rice

Living in Asia, fried rice is a common food that we eat day by day. It is hard to resist the tastiness of a cooked rice that has been stir-fried, and combined with other ingredients such as eggs, chicken, seafood, and vegetables.

Here in Singapore, we can easily find fried rice at street vendors and restaurants with a selection of optional side dishes. You have probably tried it all. From Singaporean nasi goreng to chinese-style fried rice.

But, have you tried Japanese garlic fried rice? Just like other Asian countries, Japan also has its own style of fried rice. Japanese Garlic Fried Rice, sometimes only called “garlic rice” is a popular choice of homemade comfort food in Japan.

Japanese short-grain rice is a bit stickier than other types of rice that are usually used in fried rice recipes. Thus, Japanese Garlic Fried Rice is even more comforting than the usual fried rice!

Just like its name, Japanese Garlic Fried Rice is a dish of stir-fried rice in garlic-flavoured oil. It tastes garlicky and buttery, topped with garlic chips that make it so flavourful and delicious. The simplicity of the dish made it the perfect combination for any side dish, such as eggs and shrimps.

Curious about Japanese Garlic Fried Rice? Sakae Sushi has just launched the Garlic Fried series, teppan style. It is the proper menu for you.

Try our famous garlic rice from the Teppanyaki menu. The garlic fried rice has a tempting aroma and is still crunchy in texture. It will not overpower the side dish, as you can choose a variety of toppings to mix it with. You can choose the protein to eat Garlic Fried Rice. From Chicken Katsu, Kanikama Ikura, Teriyaki Chicken, to Chuka Kara.

Our Garlic Fried Rice is available for dine-in, takeaway, delivery and pick-up. Order this comfort food today, here.

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