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Why You Should Celebrate Father's Day with a Meal

Father’s Day is just around the corner, on 20th June to be exact. The role of the father in the home is very important. Fathers often act as idols and role models for their children.

In addition to that, fathers are also often being the head of the house and the primary breadwinner for the family, though that is not always the case! Stay-at-home fathers who keep the house running in tip-top shape whilst being the primary caretakers also deserve all the love in the world!

Fathers deserve to be loved and respected every single day of the year, but there’s no harm in dedicating a whole day to them!

Father’s Day is also known as "Chichi no hi (父の日)" in Japanese. Where does the name come from? Well, there are two terms that are mainly used to refer to "father" in Japanese: "otousan (お父さん)" and "chichi (父)". "Chichi" is used when referring to your own father, and "otousan" is used when referring to somebody else's father. Even so, "otousan" can be used when addressing your own father.

Father’s Day in Japan does not have an incredibly long nor complicated history, and it barely got any attention until the 1980s. Nowadays, people usually celebrate their beloved paternal figures by buying gifts for them! Everything from clothing items to gourmet goods and even alcohol! Most amusingly, anti-snoring products appear to top the Father’s Day rankings for 2018.

There is one gift you could treat your own father to- a gift that never gets old, no matter the time or place. Treat your father for a meal from Sakae Sushi’s newest mentai menu series, with a wide variety to choose from!

  • Salmon Mentai (SGD 18.39)

  • Ika Mentai (SGD 22.39)

  • Chicken Katsu Mentai (SGD 15.39)

Why the 39 at the end of the price? It is simply because 39 in Japanese sounds like “thank you”! 3 in Japanese is “san” 「さん」and 9 in Japanese is “kyu” 「きゅう/く」. “San-kyu”! Because at the end of the day, Father’s Day is all about showing your thanks and gratitude to important paternal figures in your life. Be sure to plan an order right at our website for this special day!

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