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We have also provided a map with links to more guides on the Mystery Box locations, where to find Cerberus(the Bozz Zone) and all the locations for the chip upgrade terminals.

Google Opinion rewards generate surveys inconsistently (Image via Google).


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Not jumped in to COD Mobile yet? Find out how to get started with our how to download Call of Duty Mobile guide.

Your character will be awarded a UAV, Drone and a missile when you have a continuous streak of killing your enemies. Use the weapons at the right time when playing in the multiplayer mode. The missile will give you control over a screen and you can direct the missile toward your enemies. The missile will kill all enemies in the blast radius. The UAV can be launched in the general direction of the enemy and the UAV will seek the enemy and kill it upon impact. The drone gives away your enemy's position on your RADAR. When awarded these weapons make sure you use them appropriately when required during the match.

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Similar to Pistols, there are only two Rocket Launchers that you can use in COD Mobile.

How to Get Free Cod Mobile Skins

Free Cp Generator for Cod Mobile

Round Based mode. Destroy one of tow objectives site on the map using a c4 or kill all enemy.

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M16: This semi-automatic assault rifle is the best assault rifle after M4. With a high accuracy and damage, the M16 is fit for both long-range and medium-range.

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You'll need to take advantage of Operator Skills if you hope to dominate in Call of Duty Mobile.

It’s unlocked at Level 110. If you tried to stick with M4 and want something better without changing a whole lot, try to give BK57 a chance. It’s a pretty decent gun but at Level 110, you should’ve got a favorite already.

You can get free CP points for Warzone just by collecting all your shopping, restaurant, grocery, basically almost any receipt, even digital ones, and uploading them to this free app called Fetch Rewards. It's pretty low effort since it's not like other savings app where you have to scan barcodes or clip coupons.

BOT basically is coming from the word ROBOT. It’s similar to you playing chess or ludo with the computer.

The latest mage hero to be released in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is Xavier, the Defier of Light.

Shotguns are good when you’re fighting at close range and know how to aim properly. This type of weapon has one of the worst fire rates in Call of Duty Mobile but its damage and accuracy are quite good, while the mobility is more than decent. If you want to use a great shotgun, try the Echo. A lot of players praise it for its great attributes.

Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® features several ways to customize your game experience. Call of Duty® Points (CP) are the in-game currency that can be used in Modern Warfare® to obtain new in-game content, including the Battle Pass, for use in Multiplayer, Special Ops, and Warzone game modes.

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Absolutely amazing! I use these hacks for almost 2 weeks! These hacks are superior.. I had no problem with these hacks, I check every day to ensure the security of my accounts. Like any safe user, of course.

Read on for intel on the functionality of the main menu, detailing control set-ups, HUD manipulation, and other maneuverability measures. Then learn the right tools for the job as we detail some of the available Scorestreaks, as well as the impressive flexibility of the game’s Loadouts, and the first six characters you can play as. Following that, we unveil the first set of Multiplayer game modes, before verifying the first seven Multiplayer maps you’ll access.

Here’s are the top tips and tricks for players who want to dominate Call of Duty: Mobile.


Now that Call of Duty Mobile has launched it can be found on the Google Play Store by visiting the official Android Call of Duty Mobile website.

Strafing is moving from side to side in order to make it harder for your enemy to shoot you, but all the while keeping your aim focused on your enemy.

Go to game and check for free points added.

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Similar But Not The Same, Here are the Differences between Laser Sight and Foregrip in COD Mobile

It’s unlocked at Level 15. BY15 is a pump-action shotgun that packs a mean punch and can rapidly fire two shots so that you aren’t made the victim of a sluggish rate of fire.

Wallhacks is one of the most commonly used hacks in Call of Duty mobile. This hack allows the player who is using it to spot enemies through the walls in the game. Once you use this hack, you can see players hiding through any wall, and some of the few hacks even allow you to track your opponent’s health. Wallhack coupled with aimbot is the best combo you can ever have in Call of Duty mobile. Wallhacks are more complex to detect than any other hack; therefore, they are a prevalent choice for hackers looking to secure a slight edge over other players.

If you want to be a complete moron, try going for the nuke. But, because you can’t even tie your shoes without help, the percentage chance of you actually getting it is smaller than your IQ.

5) Revive Teammate: While playing Duos or Squads, you can revive your fallen friends or teammates. You need to get their dog tag and press the revive button. If you’re not interrupted during the revival, the teammate can rejoin the fray.

The game sometimes has additional modes - Sniper Challenge where it's only sniper weapons and Warfare, which has teams of 20 on opposing sides for a variation on BR gameplay, but these come and go.

This hosts file will later become the new host for your device, this file is run with the Virtual Host application.

It’s worth being cautious about who you give your CoD Mobile information for the time being, and we would suggest not giving it out to people you don’t know and trust.

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Passive Skill: Engineer - Grants augmented sight so that equipment, traps, and vehicles within 80 meters.

6) Fight & Circle: Call of Duty Mobile is all about tactical and strategic fighting. You need to analyze the situation of the match at every moment and plan your strategy and next steps accordingly. As the game progresses, the circle will keep collapsing and will force you to a smaller area of the map.


I recommend landing just outside of a popular area. Somewhere that has a lot of weapons and other items to offer. Then, let the hunt begin!

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Now assuming you have already installed Call of Duty Mobile from the Google Play Store, simply fire up your device’s File Manager then navigate your way to the internal storage and jump into Android/obb/

Tips for COD Mobile Battle Royale

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Find How to get Quick Fix perk in COD Mobile and guide to use the perk here.

While this is an option that you can choose according to what you like most, Dynamic makes enemies a bit easier to spot if they are far away.

Global and Korea version app icon during Season 8: 2nd Anniversary update.

Step-2 – Simultaneously, players can insert their COD Mobile UID in the given dialogue box.

Get every legendary gear and skins you imagined.


The Arctic .50 Exotic is one example of a weapon variant in the game. It comes equipped with a long barrel and a digital scope that highlights enemies. It is most commonly found in Air Drops and can be found as floor loot on rare occasions.

Eliminate entire enemy squads with the help from our precise aimbot. This exclusive feature instantly makes you the MVP in your team. You can also play as a solo assassin and get all glory. This feature is still in development currently.

Here is a list of things that will get you banned and you should avoid doing in COD Mobile. Again, the following list is not a definite one and there are many other hacks, mods and cheats that you should avoid or else you will get banned.

Aim down sights. Aiming down the sights of your gun is more accurate than hip firing. Get used to aiming down the sights, especially when you're peaking or moving around corners.

While COD: Mobile is a viral game, many of you might not have heard about it before. The developers have come up with a beautiful trailer which offers a brilliant insight into what the game offers. Here is the trailer in all of its glory!

The high jump hack is one of the most popular hacks for this game. This will allow you to jump higher than you normally would and cover longer distances. The hack is easy to use and will give you an extra boost in the game. You can download it for free and try it out for yourself. You must be careful though as you may risk permanent ban. The hack works on Android devices only. It will not work on iOS devices. To use it, you must first download an obb pack of the game. Once you have the obb pack downloaded, you can extract it.

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