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Brawl Stars is one of the most F2P-friendly games right now where you won’t need to spend money to have a decent progress – still, you will need some Gems for some offers in the shop that are simply too good to resist, right?

Ranging from 3,200 to 4,480 health points depending on his level, Lou is an average brawler in terms of health points. It is therefore necessary to play cautiously, and to remain on the lookout for potential dangers. Lou is above all a support that allows his allies to get rid of opponents easily.


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For novices, attempt to have an El Primo El Primo on your squad at all times.

Before we get into it, let me just say that we are currently on Season 6, a.k.a. The Goldarm Gang update, and much like in previous seasons, a new Brawler was added: Belle. Furthermore, a new and temporary game mode was introduced: the Knockout.


✔ Single-player PvE missions, tournaments, rewards, and achievements.

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IMPORTANT: As with anything related to the Internet, always keep your passwords to yourself and consider changing them on a regular basis. Supercell will never ask you for your game account password(s) or credit card information.

Après avoir maîtrisé les bases du jeu, voyons maintenant les classes et les rôles de chaque brawlers, comment bien choisir son brawler, comment créer une bonne composition d'équipe et comment gagner les matchs dans les différents modes de jeu : Razzia de gemmes, Prime, Bounty, Brawl Ball et Survivant.

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Whether you’re unable (or unwilling) to make the trek to AT&T Stadium for WrestleMania or want to supplement WWE’s product with a different flavor of wrestling, there is no shortage of shows throughout the week. Here are seven more to check out:

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Visit Apple support and select the "Contact iTunes store support" link, then "Purchases, billing and redemption" and choose the option that fits you best.

Gameplay tips and game types for Brawl Stars

Welcome to Nintendo Life's Kirby and the Forgotten Land walkthrough guide! In these guides we'll take you through every world and show you where to find every last Waddle Dee, figurine and other collectible, plus how to defeat every boss in the game.

A lot of meaningless and arbitrary terminologies/categories, little substance. A lot of inaccuracies too.

Bonjour Jump, on peut voir le profil tout à gauche dans la progression de trophées.

Moreover, maybe these tips will help you in defending your base and have the advantage of winning to claim as the leader of Brawl Town. If you are a beginner in this game, these tips will help you to learn how you can make it work.

for sniping hiding behind the wall, and aim on the enemy and hide again

We’ll proceed with deleting your account once we have received confirmation from you and when we have confirmed that you are the owner of the account in question (in some cases additional questions might be needed to confirm ownership of the account before we proceed).

Of course as mentioned earlier, these are just a general idea of what you can expect if you’re playing either alone or playing in a Team. The conditions of the map is also variable and important which can affect the way you should or should not play. With the tips and guide provided above, we hope you guys can understand and take it with a grain of salt – and we hope you can reach 500 trophies and more for your favorite Brawlers! 😀

Bottom line, my advice is to come back every day to see active limited-time offers, so you don't miss out on free rewards.

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Poco used to be able to use 3 attacks and Screeching Solo to kill brawlers with 3920 (level 9, brawlers like Edgar and Colt) health, after level 11 he is unable to. This fixes that.

Probably if you are here it is to improve your gaming experience, you are looking for a Brawl Stars free hack truth?

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Brawl Stars marks the first time Supercell has made a game that combines the best of top-down shooters (Chaos Engine, Smash TV) and put it in a 3v3 competitive setting. With pretty smooth controls, colourful aesthetics, blazing-fast matchmaking, and a easy-to-learn-but-hard-to-master versus gameplay, coupled with Supercell’s discipline of not launching games if they even spot a 1% flaw in its design and business potential, this game will be going places.

As you already know, in Brawl Stars you can get boxes, big boxes and mega boxes.

Stu joined Brawl Stars earlier today—and he’s been immensely popular on his launch day. Many people have reported that they’re entering games where only Stu is played by the six players who face off against each other.

Solo showdown is a great game mode to earn experience fast.

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Here’s an accurate look at the damage scaling for Penny’s Basic Attack according to her levels and general stats for the character:

This book will provide you with some useful tips and tactics to help you pick the best Brawlers for every game style, unlock new uncommon and legendary characters, farm tokens and gems, and much more!

Sauf si vous êtes sûr de vous, n'allez pas directement au milieu de la carte (généralement il y a du monde) mais cherchez plutôt des cubes de pouvoir oubliés dans les recoins de la carte ou à rencontrer une cible isolée facile à attaquer.

In all our games, players can talk to other players by joining a team (called Task Force, Clan, Band or Neighbourhood, depending on the game). Once you join a team, you have access to the team chat functionality and can talk to the members of your team. Teams can be closed, invite-only or open to everyone.

You also need to have map control in order to ensure yourself of victory in most brawls, regardless of mode. That would require having two of you, or all of you, in varying power positions. What you want here is to block enemy paths and to properly use the concept of lanes in MOBA gaming; for instance, each of you would need to have lines of sight to a lane on the map, allowing you to be ready whenever an enemy emerges or spawns.

Brawl Stars is a free game and does not require a one-time purchase or purchase of a monthly subscription to participate in matches. However, as with most free-to-play games, the developers offer to get a lot of cosmetic items and skins that can be purchased for in-game currency.

This is actually a substantial buff, allowing Nita to 3-shot brawlers with 2800 health (Edgar, Colt)

Natural Plains is the first world of Kirby & The Forgotten Land, and there are Waddle Dees hidden in each stage that Kirby must rescue. After being whisked far from Planet Popstar and kidnapped by the Beast Pack, the Waddle Dees have been locked away in cages that Kirby will have to find as he makes his way through this overgrown city. Players need to rescue at least 17 Waddle Dees to advance to the boss of Natural Plains.

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Brawl Stars is known for its epic list of brawlers, with each having its unique advantages and disadvantages that add a sense of variety and depth to the game. Penny is an excellent Brawler, not just because of her DPS but also because she can be played in various manners to help her be viable in every situation.

All of those issues have been fixed. Thanks for your heartwarming support

Check out our boss fight guide below for tips on how to defeat Gorimondo:

In Brawl Stars, you assume control of a Brawler, a tiny, very powerful creature. The default Brawler every player gets is Shelly, a badass shotgun shooter. Using your Brawler, you have to fight and defeat other Brawlers. But this is not the only thing you have to do. Each one of the 7 different game modes has its own main objective, which you’ve got to fulfill in order to win.

Brawl Stars is an arena-brawler video game, which is currently one of the most famous and active mobile IPs out there. From 3v3 action, to Battle Royale modes, there is no shortage to its content and the options it presents you. There are dozens of Brawlers to choose from, so we are starting a ‘guide’ series, in which we’ll be looking at each one of them individually. Their stats, skills, tips and more will be included.

It means what you think it means, the author is wrong.

If they have a yellow circle around them, they have selected their Super attack and are likely about to use it. They can deselect the Super by tapping the button again, but if you see a yellow circle, assume a powerful attack is imminent.

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In this guide we share several helpful Brawl Stars tips and tricks for beginners that are just getting into the game. Whether you’re trying to get a feel for the 3v3 top-down shooting, figuring out who the best brawler is, or wondering which game mode to play we have you covered.

Brawl Stars has seasons 14 days long. At the end of every season, you get coins as a reward based on your trophies and the trophies of your Brawler with most trophies. In addition, each Brawler that holds more than 500 Trophies will lose 50% of their trophies above 500.

Hello Brawlers! In this tutorial, I'll show what the new game from Supercell is how it works!

If the purchase was made on a Google (Android) device:

Prepare your notes and put on your game face because it's time to learn the top 10 finest Brawl Stars tips & tactics!

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