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E.g. against kiki (PRO): Three crown in 32 seconds by spamming one prince and one mini pekka at the bridge. Or: three crown SK Morten in 62 seconds, playing skarmy at the bridge, followed by a mini pekka after the princess tower is down.

Being the first arena, Goblin Stadium is predictably simple to get through. The strategy behind this deck is for the ranged attackers (Spear Goblins, Archers, Bomber, Baby Dragon) to defeat and/or weaken enemies before they can damage the Knight and Giant, who will be the main tower destroyers. Fireball is good for clearing enemy advances, but Arrows will work just fine, too, if you prefer something with a bit lower Elixir cost.


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Note: Before installing the APK MOD, you need to uninstall the original version or another MOD version.

He isn't hacking, he just has a really good gaming chair

The system doesn't let your winrate go over 60%, so you will get stronger enemies who can counter your deck. I suggest you to take a break after a few wins. These breaks may help a bit , but after a while, you will surely lose. Don't be disappointed about it, play challenges or tournaments, watch videos and upgrade your cards.

This is by no means a comprehensive list of viable decks in Clash Royale, but it should be more than enough to help you get a solid foothold in each arena. Also remember that as developer Supercell continues to add new cards and balancing tweaks, the favored decks and strategies will likewise change; so be sure to come back to GameSkinny for Clash Royale guides, tips, and news.

Experiment with different decks and know what deck works best for you. Spend your time on the deck to familiarize yourself with it.

All team chats also have a profanity filter. It's a good idea to advise your child that if they are chatting with someone they don't know and are uncomfortable with, they should exit the team/game and speak to you about it. Users can leave a team whenever they want to. Furthermore a report functionality is directly accessible from within the chat. Read more about that in the next section.

This deck involves a Balloon, and then plenty of fiery cards. Lava Hound and Fireball deal big damage, and then you’ve got your Balloon in your back pocket to take your opponent by surprise.

Cycle decks go as low as 2.6 for the AEC since the playstyle requires the player to cycle to their win condition quickly.

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In the Clash Royale game, there are various magic cards for you to collect. These cards give you additional magical boosts and additional soldiers. Also, you have to collect objects that upgrade your cards to increase your power. If you buy max-level cards from a shop, these cards convert into gold cards skin in Clash Royale.

Clash Royale Free Money And Gems

Clash Royale has had another update today and has been down for a scheduled maintenance break. While bug fixes and quality of life changes have been made, it hasn’t been all rosy for every Clash Royale player. We know that these scheduled updates sometimes cause players problems getting back in the game again. If that’s you and your Clash Royale update is not working, keep reading to find out how you can get your access back ASAP.

Don't fall for advertisements giving free gems, these usually take you to websites containing viruses or collect credit card information for hackers. They may ask for your username and password to steal your account. Supercell gets its money for selling gems, they won't give free gems through other websites.

Yes, that’s right. Companies, which created these apps, pay people for downloading their apps (so they can get better ranks in App Stores or can find potential users). FreeMyApps is the third-party company that gives us money and give those companies downloads.

Clash Royale is the newest mobile game from Supercell, the makers of Clash of Clans and Boom Beach, released in 2016 and it is an extremely competitive game. This mobile game currently has over millions of active players and it is a very difficult game to dive into for beginners.

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4. Goblin huts are pretty good too. It's especially useful when your opponent has one too, you can balance at least one side of your territory. And when these guys get delayed for a while, it's nasty.

Once I had game and I didnt see my cards like I was spectating my game rly weird .. I just saw how many elixir leaking ..

Clash Royale could be more addicting than Clash of Clans, so use caution before downloading it. It’s that good, that polished, and extremely fun. Get familiar with the layout and managing resources like gold, then build a deck for battle. We’d recommend having two or three good decks ready at any moment. Take our advice below to have a good strategy and a balanced attack as you go to war.

After the installation is complete, you can open the application and experience as usual.

A BUG in Clash Royale “STEALS” you Google Play credit when you try to buy Special Offer “Featured Offer – Gold & Gems Pack” for $0.99. I tried

Before you start off a round, you’ll want to ensure that you’ve got a well-balanced deck, with ground attacks, aerial attacks, high to low Elixir attacks, you name it. Have all bases covered, so to say, especially as you progress on in the game and unlock more characters and cards.

In-app purchase settings are different depending on what sort of device you are using. Find the instructions you need linked below:

Coupons, Discounts and guides personally!

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The player that does not react quickly enough to their opponent's actions and simply send a few units into the field has no chance in Clash Royale. Players should consider how they want to make a match. Here are some simple hints to help you with your strategy.

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This top Clash Royale deck is all about Skeleton Dragons, a versatile unit with decent damage, low cost, and the ability to fly. Our preferred version maximises the effectiveness of the dragon’s model count by spamming the bridge and trying to funnel your enemies into a damage choke point.

Holy shit Ian beat him and bmed the shit out of him, what a downright fucking legend

Despite of everything the card can do, it is not recommended because a Fireball can deal with it rather easily! Due to this, you can also try Mirror, Goblin Barrel, or Hog Rider.

Players get lot of common cards, few Rare Cards and a small chance of Epic/Legendary Cards.

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Turns out it’s his name that makes the game crash so not a legitimate hack

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Quite sure it was a hacker as when i clicked on his profile, he had a very very high win rate, probably by doing the same to other users and 3 crowning them.

If it's been 48 hours and still nothing has happened, please contact Apple or Google directly for more information.

The player must also try to shift the focus of the rival from a weaker Tower to that of a healthier one. This can be done by attacking the rival's tower that is not opposite your weaker Tower, if your left Tower is weaker, try attacking the rival's right Tower with a powerful combination, like Giant + Musketeer. So the rival will have to concentrate on this side. Keep attacking this side of this Tower, as it will give you a better field to confront the opponent and perhaps save the weaker Tower.

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Clash Royale is one of the best and most played Android strategy games. It has more than 100 million players, so it will be hard for you to become one of the best. There are experienced players, who are playing the game for a long time. You need some help if you want to at least have a chance against them. That’s why you should use our Clash Royale Mod Hack.

Collect and upgrade dozens of cards featuring the Clash of Clans troops, spells and defenses you know and love, as well as the Royales: Princes, Knights, Baby Dragons and more. Knock the enemy King and Princesses from their towers to defeat your opponents and win Trophies, Crowns and glory in the Arena. Form a Clan to share cards and build your very own battle community. Check coc mod apk for clash of clans.

As I told you that this is a Freemium game, so the free version of this game has multiple items locked. To unlock those resources, the players have to buy them by spending money from their pocket. So that they can enjoy the game completely without interruption. But if you download the Clash Of Royale MOD APK shared by us, then you will get all the resources Unlocked without spending any money. Also, you will get Unlimited Gold and Unlimited Gems. So Guys, without missing any paragraph, read the complete post, so that you could know about Clash Royal unlimited money APK features and the downloading process.

How to get unlimited coins in clash royale?

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Join an active clan as soon as you can. You can request cards and get gold for your donations. You can see if a clan is good if you look at it's donations/week value. If it's above 300, you should think about it, but in the really active clans, it can go above 1500. If the Clan War trophies are above 1500, that's a good sign, the more trophies the clan has, the more rewards you'll get.

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A Clash Royale Hack is any method, technique, app, modification, tool or other means of gaining unfair advantages in the game, get more free Gems, Gold (coins), Cards, Troops and other goodies more quickly. – While there is a great many different ways of cheating in Clash Royale, such as mods, mod menus and game hacking tools, hacks and generators for unlimited free Gems (crystals), free Pass Royale, max level Cards, Trophies and Gold / Money do not exist and are always fake.

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Barbarians: However, once they exist, normal barbarians prove to be too simple to stop, too sluggish and feeble for 5 elixir, and are increasingly outshined by elite barbarians, resulting in barbarian extinction. Then the Goblin Gang proves to be superior, and Barbarians are now likely one of the weakest cards in the deck.


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