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Cloud Kitchen: New Age Dining with Sakae Sushi

Whether you’re an everyday salaryman who has little to no time to prep your own meal, a homemaker wanting a simple break from the responsibility of cooking everyday for your family, or anyone in between- we all deserve to enjoy a nutritious, delicious, and well-prepared meal without any hassle. Sadly, it’s becoming a bit harder to enjoy restaurant food or food on the go, as the pandemic continues and dining out becomes increasingly risky.

Thankfully, the solution is right here and now, and it comes in the form of cloud kitchens!

Sometimes referred to as “ghost kitchen” or “virtual kitchen”, the name might sound unfamiliar, maybe almost fantastical. What is a cloud kitchen, you may ask? The answer is quite simple. It’s the concept of a delivery-only establishment with no physical space for dine-in. Just an operational kitchen for food preparation that acts as a production unit. As you might expect, since it has no waiters, no furniture, no fancy infrastructure and no tables, it’s entirely reliant on websites, online food aggregator apps, or the restaurant app, hence the name cloud kitchens.

While restaurants and establishments in general have optimised their online delivery services in the past few years, moving to a delivery exclusive restaurant is certainly a new and exciting prospect! It’s only made possible recently due to improvements in technology and the shift in attitudes regarding eating out, especially with the added factor of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Without a doubt, cloud kitchens are certainly a must-try dining experience in this day and age. The real question is, where can you try it?

Luckily for you, Sakae Sushi’s Tai Seng store offers the very first cloud kitchen service in Singapore now ready and available for order! Simply head down to our website and place your order, sit back and relax while your food gets delivered to your location, and then simply enjoy your meal! Our menu is fine-tuned to the needs of everyone- again, from salarymen, to homemakers, to students and everyone in between.

For those of you who might live further away from Tai Seng, worry not! There is a second Cloud Kitchen under Sakae Holdings, Hei Sushi at King Albert Park that is serving the residents around Bukit Timah areas.

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