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The Art of Sushi and Where to Learn It

For some truly dedicated enthusiasts, learning the art of sushi making may take years, even decades. In Japanese culture, sushi-making is considered a true art form with deep ties in history. It’s said to originate sometime in the 3rd century BCE, as a means of preserving fish with salt. In Japan, it became a primary means of preserving food, and each region of Japan developed its own variants and versions. It was also an integral part of celebrations, eaten during feast days and celebrations.

To an average observer, it’s just a ball of rice with some fish on it, right? However, in the craft of sushi-making, many things go into the master’s consideration in the art of making sushi, including (but definitely not limited to) the right colour, flavour, and texture and the perfect way to blend them all. Balance is an important factor, arranging the proportions and the parts of the sushi dish in a harmonious way.

For example, with a piece of sushi with far too much rice, that piece may not be able to fit in anyone’s mouth! If the sushi has not enough rice, then the taste would be far too overpowered with the fish, causing it to taste overwhelming. Combine the fish and rice too tightly, and it might crumble right in your hands. It might seem daunting, but we know just the right place for you to start learning it in a fun way with other people!

Look no further than our very own hands-on Sushi Making Workshop here at Sakae Sushi! Participants can learn and make their very own creative sushi with the help of our expert chefs. It’s also the picture perfect event for children’s parties/ gatherings, corporate team building, or just a fun day out with your friends, family, or loved ones! Don’t wait any longer and book your Sushi Making Workshop experience now!

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