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Why Oba Leaf is The Perfect Companion for Sashimi?

Have you ever noticed one or more leaves on your sashimi plate when you are eating at a Japanese restaurant? In Japan, it is called “Oba Leaf”, and no raw fish dish would be served without it.

Oba Leaf is a popular Japanese aromatic vegetable that is an essential ingredient in Japanese cooking. It offers an elegant aroma, perfect for both sashimi and sushi. Make sure you try to eat Oba together with your sashimi and sushi, this leaf will boost your appetite and help you enjoy the authentic taste of the Japanese food.

Indeed, aromatic vegetables can often be overlooked, but the presence of Oba Leaf will enhance the taste of your sashimi, as it has mint and anise flavours. Oba Leaf also has refreshing flavour, since Oba Leaf (green perilla) is a plant of the mint family.

Moreover, Oba Leaf is more than just a condiment or a garnish (or a decoration to your plate). It is healthy and nutritious as well! Oba Leaf is rich in calcium, carotene, vitamin A, vitamin B2, vitamin C and minerals, making it a nutritionally perfect vegetable.

Oba Leaf also has medicinal benefits as it can protect you against mild food poisoning. It is a disinfectant and antiseptic property for the sashimi. The perillaldehyde contained in Oba Leaf promotes the secretion of gastric juice, making it an intestine stimulant for your body.

With all of the reasons above, don’t forget to eat Oba Leaf along with your sashimi when you are ordering it at Sakae Sushi. You will never regret it! Here at Sakae Sushi, we also sell Oba Yuzu Drink. It is such a refreshing drink, thanks to the combination of Oba and Yuzu drinks. You probably can’t find it in other places. Only at Sakae Sushi.

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